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An Exclusive Event for Youth Pastors


 We are so glad that you all came and experienced it with us!



For years the three of us have had the privilege of talking about youth ministry with one another. We share our joys, our struggles, and maybe most importantly, where we think God is taking youth ministry in the next ten years.

Inevitably, the conversation always points back to the youth pastors who we love so much and the question of, “How can we youth pastors become more effective leaders?” It always turns into a great conversation!

Now, we want to invite you to join us in the conversation because we know you will make it better.

We want to personally invite you to join us in Atlanta from February 6-8, 2018, for the first ever Youth Ministry Leadership Exchange.

Our time together will be… PRACTICAL, STRATEGIC, DEEP, and FUN!

The goal of Youth Ministry Leadership Exchange will be to combine our strengths and experiences to help youth pastors become stronger and more effective leaders.

This event is open exclusively to youth pastors and key youth leaders. (Conversations get better and deeper that way.)

There are no rows. You’ll be around tables with other youth workers who share your passions, challenges, and struggles. You’ll learn as much from each other as from anyone who presents.

Every session is hyper-relevant, filled with tangible ideas to help your leadership.

Talks are short. You’ll hear TED-style talks and interviews with some of today’s experts on leadership—from both inside and outside the church.

Leaders are accessible. We’re limiting the size of the event so that it has a small feel and there will plenty of opportunities for you to rub shoulders with the speakers and ask your pressing questions.

We hope you’ll join us. Thanks for all you do to help students be changed by Christ to change the world around them. We can’t wait to have you dive into the conversation with us.

Doug, Reggie, and Kara

PS: We’ll also be combining our team of leaders from the ministries that we lead… Download Youth Ministry (DYM), Fuller Youth Institute (FYI), and the crew from Orange. It will be a blast.